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Accobis assist our clients in the process of preparation or change of accounting policy documentation and their implementation within a company or across group companies. 

We help to prepare new accounting policies when converting to new accounting standards and to update existing accounting policies when implementing changes to currently applicable accounting standards and in cases when new accounting policies would improve the ability to present a true and fair view of the financial standing and financial result of the entity. Both at conversion to new accounting standards and when planning and processing complex transactions, we present our clients with accounting policy choices permissible under the applicable standards and analyse their impact on the financial statements. We assist in preparation of a new chart of accounts, verification of currently applied one and their adaptation to the requirements of the accounting policy.

Most of the time, it is challenging for small and medium sized business to develop their own policies. Hence, our specialist team would assist you as your partner according to the scale of your business. Our policies are benchmarked with international and local standards.

Advantages of Accounting Policies:

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