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Operational audits review an organization’s activities in relation to specific objectives. We do analyze the business processes, procedures, and systems; and evaluate operational effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Benefits of an operational audit include finding opportunities for improvement and developing recommendations.

We will investigate department procedures and how efficiently it uses resources. The final report should include a full department review and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our operational audit process basically helps in strengthening the internal controls, reducing the costs and irregularities. Along with the identifying of anomalies in the procedures, we also provide the strategy to overcome the shortcomings of the business which will help the management take effective measures.

Objectives of an Operation Audit:

  • Evaluation of company’s policies and procedures regarding sales, purchase and other processes
  • To achieve optimum profitability by reducing social costs
  • To ensure effective control system i.e., segregation of duties, authorization of processes and safeguarding fixed assets.
  • Performance analysis in terms of productivity and efficiency of labor.
  • Encouragement of corporate social responsibilities like minimizing social costs and increasing social benefits

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