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Accobis has considerable experience in execution of the sale and purchases of various types of business – from small to medium size companies especially in Hotels, Warehouses, Logistic, Hospitals and Educational Institutions etc. Our extensive customer base and the wide network of partners give us a high possibility to buy a business or to sell an existing business in the UAE.

Accobis helps companies and investment funds in the different phases of acquiring a company or selling a business division. Its services are customized to meet the specific needs of each company, with an emphasis on an industry or sector to help define strategies, achieve objectives and identify opportunities.

Accobis also helps with due diligence services, involving analysis of the target company’s operations and informing the buyer about possible threats and opportunities related to the structure of the transaction and its future operations. Accobis assistance in acquisition processes includes multidisciplinary and integrated services that address all phases of the transaction life cycle, with support of local and international specialists in the various stages of the process, allowing identification and anticipation of issues critical to transaction success.

The major benefits of Mergers & Acquisitions are listed below.

  • Often less expensive to buy than to build
  • Competitive Edge in the Market
  • Diversification of Risk through Portfolio Divergence
  • Reduction in cost and overheads by sharing expenses, purchase cost etc.

The main factors to be considered while Mergers & Acquisitions process are:

  • Form of consideration (cash or stocks)
  • Management integration
  • Accounting and Tax Treatment
  • Goodwill

We, at Accobis can support you with:

  • Finance & Strategy
  • Valuation & Pricing
  • Negotiation & Bidding
  • Restructuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Drafting of legal matters
  • Deal execution and closure

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