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Value Added Tax is the indirect tax on the domestic consumption of goods and services, except those that are zero-rated or are otherwise exempt. It is levied at each stage in the chain of production and distribution from the raw material to the final sale based on the value (price) added at each stage. It is not a cost to the producer or distribution chain members and the customer bears its full brunt.

Every business may need to change their core operations, financial management and book-keeping, technology, and human resource mix to prepare for VAT. Accobis will help the small to medium sized businesses to prepare their VAT Returns and submit to the government authorities periodically.

Our VAT Consultancy Services include:

VAT Registration
VAT Accounting and Audit
VAT Returns Preparation and Filing
VAT Queries Clarification and Refund Submission
VAT Penalty Reconsideration
VAT De-Registration
VAT Accounting Software Implementation

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