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As anti-money laundering legislations become more stringent and AML compliance scrutiny strengthens, it becomes imperative for business entities to turn the spotlight on a robust AML compliance program. 

Money laundering and terrorist financing pose a significant threat to the stability and security of any nation’s financial system, making AML compliances in the UAE a crucial aspect of the financial sector. Having a solid regulatory compliance strategy in place is crucial for your business. In light of stringent government regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing, ensuring compliance has become increasingly complex. This is where our AML Compliance consulting services come into play, providing essential support in navigating the constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

Following are the services we offer related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML).


  • Compliance Policy and procedures
  • Assessment of tools and controls design
  • Current AML Policy review
  • AML/ KYC/ CFT Plan and framework
  • AML audit and reporting
  • Due diligence Frameworks and process implementations
  • Anti-corruptions and financial frauds frameworks.

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